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Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts have proven to be an exciting opportunity for any corporate or retail team. Many corporations, restaurants, retail stores, and more have participated in these fun and educational events.

A treasure hunt game usually includes a variety of elements. For instance, clues may need to be deciphered in order to pinpoint a location. Another activity that may take place during a treasure hunt is that of answering some quiz or trivia questions. Right answers will score more points for any team.

Another activity that sometimes takes place during a treasure hunt is the completion of a photo assignment. This is one thing that will further help a team score points and solve the treasure mystery.

It may also be necessary for a team to decide what it needs to help them better complete the treasure hunt tasks set before them. Therefore, they will often need to complete a shopping list.

Treasure hunts are easy to plan and they can take place almost anywhere. In fact, some organizations may prefer just to have these events take place right on the premises (the employer's property). Professional activity planners can help an employer set up this event.

Usually some of the items needed for a treasure hunt activity include a local survey map, instant camera, clues written out, and trivia questions. These can be made-up or they can be derived from any activity book or board game.

A typical day for a group participating in treasure hunts usually starts with an event briefing. This is during when the rules and regulations as well as game play instructions are given. Then, the treasure hunt would usually start.

There may then be a break for lunch. Sometimes prizes are given out before or during lunch to the winners of each completed treasure hunt mission-or to the team with the most points.

After lunch there may be an evening treasure hunt briefing if a new game is played. During this briefing may include tips on how to improve each team's overall play. This will further help each team succeed.

The prizes for winning a treasure event do not have to be very extravagant. Sample prizes that could be given to a winning team (or individual winners) usually are a bottle of champagne, dinner gift certificates, or a small amount of cash.

Treasure hunt days are probably one of the most economical of all events to place, as well as the most versatile. Likewise, these games can be played by a group of any size. Also, these events generally do not cost that much money.

Treasure hunts are ideal for many corporate or employer occasions. For instance, they could take place during an employee picnic, Christmas party, or incentive trip. These particular activity days sometimes occur during motivational conferences for managers as well.

The purpose of treasure hunt games is to foster communication and togetherness amongst a group of employees. Furthermore, this type of game also helps draw out the strengths of individual employees. This will allow management of a particular place of employment to see who is the most organized, the most creative, the most articulate, and who is the best listener.Bio for Treasure Hunts: John Tarr is a copywriter for Stag Party Weekend across Europe. Learn more aboutTreasure Hunts.

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Team Name Ideas

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i need a new team name! part 1 the ideas

Frequently Asked Questions...

what are some good team name ideas for a relay for life group?

relay for life is an organization that raises money for those who are struggling with cancer.i am the captain of my relay for life team and this year i would like to have a good team name. the problem is I'm not very good with coming up with group names. the team consists of mostly girls but there are a few boys. any suggestions?

Best Answer...


Hi Elizabeth,

How about a name where the letters all stand for something? Like The RAOCS (rayocks) Raising awareness of cancer sufferers. Or The Gopalomas(Give oncology pattients a life --and then oma as in carcinoma) Or Hahah (Have a heart and help)

All probably utter rubbish but it may give you some ideas.

Good luck with it sweetheart, I wish you well with it all.

Love Mel.X

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