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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do Soccer (Football) contracts work?

I'm a huge fan of soccer (football), but don't understand how a player's contracts work...players going on loan, and etc. I hear players getting millions of dollars in contracts but does the player get all the money or does the club get some of the money stated in the contract? help!

Best Answer...


a player signs a contract. that contract will indicate how much he makes each week (usually paid every two weeks though). that is paid by the club he plays for. when a player is on loan, he is still paid by his original club, but the club that borrowed him pays the team they borrowed him from. a transfer fee is just the payment one club makes to convince another club to sell the rights to a player. a new contract is then worked out between the new club and the player. of course the tax man gets a hefty cut, and the agent takes a percentage as well, (5-10% is typical)