Mercurial Vapor

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can I get the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Pink/Berry cleats?

I searched online and the highest size availible is 12 US. I wear 12.5.
I already own the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV White cleats but I wanted to try out the pink ones.
Where can I get them in 12.5?

Best Answer...


well go on as you can get your name on the boots to with your number for £20 but they are like£120 on there but u may get them cheeper on they sum times have newer ones out for like 2 weeks then they dotn for some reason they get sold out as i bought the black and red preds when they first come out they were £120 but on kick bag they had 1 pair left and i got them for £40 with name and number on and yeas they are real one but noe ther e£80 on there web site now but were £40