Adidas Adizero

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which shoe is for running on the track and which is for long distance or trails?

I bought two pairs of adidas Adizero sneakers. One (red and black adizero boston) has a bigger sole and on the side says full-forefoot, the other (blue and yellow) has a thiner sole without the fore-foot. At the store they said which one was for which, but i can't remember any suggestions?

Best Answer...


I'm guessing the bigger sole is for the trail. You want more "stuff" to protect your feet from sharp objects on the trail, while for road running, the less "stuff" there is between your foot and the pavement, the better. I'd have to see them though, because they can vary. Also, the stiffer ones are probably trail shoes. It should be obvious though by looking at them.