Senior Hockey

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Will i be able to use a senior hockey stick with my size?

Hi, i'm a 13 y.o and i'm 5'4 and 102 lbs. Will I be able to play with a senior hockey stick. I recently bought a v10 catapult with a regular flex. And if i cut about 4-5 inches off how much flex will i lose?

Best Answer...


No you wont, stick with intermediate, trust me!! i'm 5'9 and a senior stick which is 60" comes up above my nose so you will definitely have to cut it. Every inch you cut off a stick reduces its flex by 4%. Reg flex is 87 so if you cut off 4-5 inches the stick would become 105-109 flex, which is even more than pro flex. Its really stupid cause theres no intermediate size for this stick, so my advice is to stick with a junior until you get a little bigger or find a different stick that offers it in intermediate