Ice Skates Size

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what are youth sizes in ice skates?

does that mean that they are for little kids? are ice skate sizes different than average shoe sizes? cuz im wear size 7 in womans, im 12, does that mean i would fin in youth size 7 for ice saktes? that sounds very confussing lol sorry, but thanks or your help!

Best Answer...


There are kid's sizes in skates, just like in shoes, as well as adult sizes. If you're 12, wearing a size 7 shoe, you would wear a women's skate. Skate sizes differ from shoe sizes, so if you're renting skates at a rink, just give them your shoe size and they should be able to get you the equivalent size in their skates. Some places only have whole sizes and skates usually do not run true to shoe size. If you are buying skates, be sure to try them on. If you want a little better skate, go to a skate shop and they will be able to fit your foot for what size and width will best fit your foot. Happy skating!