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hockey sticks?

why are some hockey sticks so expensive? i am not saying all are. but any stick over $70.00 i will not buy. so why are some sticks so expensive?

Best Answer...


Because most of them these days are made of composites, which are very hard to manufacture, as well as having expensive raw materials. It also take a lot to calculate and engineer exactly how you want the stick to flex and such, R&D on these things is killer.

Pro player endorsements are a tiny fraction. You have a max of 20 guys per brand that are actually being paid to endorse the product, others get free stuff and others pay for it (at least the team does on their behalf)

Basically, composite sticks are a pain in the ass to design and produce, but they do preform a lot better.

Under 70 bucks, any composite stick in that range is pretty much going to be sh1t. If you want to save money on a composite buy a two piece. A little more upfront but much better in the long run.