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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are you aloud to fight in Hockey (NHL)?

I just fell in love with the great sport pretty recently so i dont know all the rules yet, i was wondering if you are aloud to fight in hockey? ive been watching a lot of hockey videos and it seems like the refs let it happen. they only break it up when one of them falls over (im guessing so that the person on the ground doesnt get stomped with a hockey skate). but when they are standing up the refs dont do anything, so...are you aloud to fight in hockey (NHL)

Best Answer...


ALLOWED. Repeat after me....A-L-L-O-W-E-D.

IF you fight it will result in a 5 minute penalty. The refs will normally let fights happen, yes. If the players seem to be what I call "hugging" they'll break it up, and the moment a player hits the ice they'll break it up. While the NHL may ALLOW fighting, it is not LEGAL!