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Frequently Asked Questions...

What's up with the all of the Canadian Hockey Media all over Sidney Crosby concussion/s, post concussion syn-.?

.drome, concussion related symptoms, neck injury, etc? Even after his team (Pittsburgh Penguins) released a statement about him regarding all of this during the all star weekend. Then, Penguins had released another statement regarding the neck injury earlier they hoped. Here I thought that New York (where I live) and American all sports media was worse then them. Guess, I was wrong with my assessment here.

Best Answer...


The Canadian media are all over it cause he's a "hockey hero" especially since he won gold for team canada in the olympics. It is all a bit ridiculous if you ask me, ok he's injured...just let us know when he's better, I don't want a damn play by play of his recovery. Also I thought I'd add, as a Canadian who DOES love hockey (they kick us out of Canada if we don't) I think that some people take hockey here a bit to the extreme. They act as though they're the ones actually out there playing (MY team just scored or MY team lost, etc.) It's so extreme that last year when the Canucks went to the finals against boston (I lived right outside of Vancouver) that the city literally shuts down. We would get to leave work early for the games and the streets were on lock down cause fans would just be partying it up in the middle of the road. Ridiculous? uh, ya. Not to mention the embarassing riots in Vancouver. Shame shame.