Easton Ice Hockey

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Frequently Asked Questions...

For Easton Ice Hockey Skates, What are the T-Blade Measurements for a Size 9.5?

(ex: 280, 288, S-15-280, M-13-288)

and can you explain the differences in sharpening measurements.
and all that hollow-inch radius stuff.


Best Answer...


As Easton never came with T-blades installed from the manufacturer, you most likely have 280's on the skate but it is possible for it to be a 288, it should be stamped into the holder itself. Here is the hollow breakdown:

9--- 5/16''
11--- 3/8''
13--- 7/16''
15--- 1/2''
18--- 5/8''
21--- 3/4''

The 9 will have the deepest hollow and sink into the ice the most, the 21 will be the shallowest of the hollows, more for bigger players that don't want to dig into the ice as much.