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Frequently Asked Questions...

CCM hockey skate sizing info?

On the CCM skate size chart it is written the skate size also corresponding US shoe size and European size. Also it is written the size in cm too. So I want to buy online, have no options of trying on first, so no advice such as try on first will be helpful... My question is the size written in cm does it correspond to the inner sole of the boot, the length of the inside of the boot from heel to toe, or should I expect the inner soles to be a little bit longer in length.
Thanks :)

Best Answer...


The shoe size suggestion is just that. Unfortunately, fits vary from company to company and people tend to opt for a variety of different fits when choosing their footwear.

The only basic guideline I can offer is that a skate should be 1 to 2 sizes (US) smaller than your shoe size. I would also note that CCM skates fit a little bigger than Bauer ones.

For example, I wear a sz 11 Nike shoe, but a sz 11.5 adidas shoe. As for skates, I wear a sz 9 Bauer, but a sz 8.5 CCM.

If I were you, I'd play it a little safe and go between 1.5 to 2 sizes down from your shoe size on this 1st purchase.

Good luck.