Ccm Ice Hockey

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Ice skate Sizing/Width?

I'm a size 7 and width M in Jackson Mystique ice skates but i don't know what width M is?
Does it mean medium or?

My brother is a 10 and width E in CCM ice hockey skates? also what does that mean in sizing?

went to the pro shop to get sized but it's cheaper to buy online just wanted to know what width to choose?
I can get these skates for $104 online whereas at the pro shop it costs $255
me and my brother went to the pro shop but it's cheaper online, just wanted to know width sizing?

Best Answer...


M is medium width.

In Jackson skates, their recreational models like the Mystique use "M" or "W" for width. Their better skates, like the Artiste, Classique and Freestyle, use "AA/A/B/C/D" The shoe/skate industry standards for quality goods use the width sizing ranges of "AA" (very narrow") to "D" (extra-wide) So your brother's CCMs are extra-extra wide.

Different brands and models fit differently, so the same skater might wear a "regular" width Jackson skate but a "wide" width Riedell skate. The Jackson Mystiques use a different last (or sizing model) than the Jackson Competitors, too. You really have to try the skates on to be sure they fit.

It really isn't cheaper to buy online if you add in all the hidden costs:

ONLINE: purchase price + shipping&handling+initial sharpening+adjustments+return fees (if needed)
PRO SHOP: purchase price includes everything above. Some places throw in guards/soakers as well.

Buying from a local store means you're supporting a business in your community. Buying online means lining someone else's pockets. More importantly, you establish a relationship with a local business. When you bring in your skates for sharpening, they'll remember that you bought them there and most shops give their customers little extras like tightening loose screws, fixing blade dings, repairing eyelets, etc.

A 50% discount by buying online usually means you're buying old or leftover stock. In figure skates, that can mean the leather is dried out or yellowed, or the blades have rust. In this case, you're planning to buy the bottom-of-the-line Jackson skates: the Mystiques. They have an inadequate blade for figure skating and the boots are very soft and easily broken down. The retail price is less than $90, so you're overpaying online.

I believe you and your brother are mistaken about thinking the pro shop quoted you $255 for the Mystiques. I suspect that the pro shop price is for the much higher-quality Jackson Freestyle skates. They're probably too high-level for you, so you'll need to verify the quote because I think you're not comparing the same models.

Try this: print out the product listing showing the online price and go back to the pro shop to ask what their price is for the same model, or better yet, look at the Jackson Artiste. The Artistes' retail for around $130 and are much better-made than the Mystiques.

Don't cheap out on skates - it's the only piece of required equipment. People who buy cheap skates, especially online without try ons, often end up with injuries or having to replace them in a short amount of time. There's an old saying: buy cheap, buy twice.