Bauer Vapor Ice Hockey

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are Nike Bauer Vapor Ice Hockey Skate good?

I'm thinking of getting these skates for my son because he's on a travel team and his skates dont fit and I want to know if they're good quality

Best Answer...


Different brands of skates fit differently.

I'd go for fit first, brand second. I'm skating on a pair of low-end Vapors and they're fine.

As with sticks, skates are a fairly personal thing, and every skate has its own characteristics. I'm a fast skater, and my current Vapors pitch me forward just a little -- it's less good for when I'm playing D and doing a lot of backwards skating, but when I'm playing forward and really going all out to skate fast, that foot angle is great.

Among the Vapors there's difference in quality, too. Mine were cheap and you can tell... the rivets rusted out fast, and the blade steel is low quality... it rusts fast and needs sharpening oftener than my old pair of skates. I'm hoping to change the blades out this winter. The rust I can live with. Keeps my laces tight. :D