Leotard Dance

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What you should have in your dance wardrobe.?

I am a dancer (Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Hip hop, and Belly Dance)
I would like to know what I should have in my dance wardrobe to be successful.
We are required to always wear a black leotard, tights, and booty shorts/spandex (any color).
We are allowed to wear a shirt over our leotard.
What number is appropriate for each item you should own for four dance classes.
If you find cute clothes for an affordable price, that would also be helpful.
Thank you!

Best Answer...


-dance shorts/booty shorts
-jazz pants
-ballet skirt
-a sweater
-a few extra tops
-a sports bra
-jazz shoes
-foot undies
-tap shoes
-toe tape
-shoe tape
-ballet flats
-pointe shoes
-toe pads
-a brush/comb
-hair ties
-hair nets
-hair pins

Hope this helps!