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Frequently Asked Questions...

question to your user urwelcome should i just give up on the scorpio girl and go with the leo girl or not?

oh and hey how has it been going with you learning to play more instruments and also with your studies
heres the thing i plan on going to adult school and just talking to the leo girl i see at the church on the weekends and forgetting about the scorpio girl would she get but hurt
yea im going to change schools and stick to the leo girl and just go to adult school oh and aquarius adult school is where students go to catch up on credits i used to mess around alot and im behind in credits it sucks and im glad your doing well with your studies

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I'm fine Sean thanks. I am doing higher studies, so it's like a job. And I have spoken to Pisces friend/teacher (piano) she called me the other day and I told her I needed more time to sort some things before starting lessons this year. Since she is my friend she understood.
Thanks for asking.

Well the Scorpio girl's mother is a barrier, so that can be trouble for both of you. Am sorry for Scorpio girl, but her mother has other plans for her. Sure try the Leo girl, adult school you mean like college? Yes college is good. Have you watched the movie: "the emperor's club"? I suggest that or Finding Forrester, that's a good movie :)