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Frequently Asked Questions...

Should I get a Play Station 3?

I already have a 360 and i love it and i wanted a ps3 so i can watch movies on it. I had a ps2 a while back and i liked that too.

Best Answer...


Bear in mind the price. Bear in mind the reliability of an Xbox. Bear in mind what you want to do with them.

Xbox Pros: Better online community, wider variety of game genres. More official gear availiable.

Xbox Cons: We have been through 4 Xboxs in our house, including one broken elite. Smaller hard drive. No Blu Ray. Online play costs money. No inbuilt wireless for wireless internet connection. No inbuilt controller battery packs.

PS3 Pros: Blu-Ray. Big hard drive. Built in wireless. Bluetooth controllers. Free online play. Very reliable. More versatile media centre. Controller battery life lasts forever, and battery is inbuilt. Slightly better graphics. True HD, many more full HD games.

PS3 Cons: Quieter online community. Online headsets are expensive. Console itself is more expensive (however with all the xbox upgrades and gold membership, you'll probably break even anyway).

Make your own decision based on what you need from a console.

If you want a quick laugh, nothing more, with fast paced online communities and dont mind paying for online, or poor reliablility (xbox return your console after repairs usually within 2-3 weeks), get an xbox.

If you want something more serious, that will cost less in the long run and does more. Get a PS3. However I will admit that the online play is the weakness at the moment that needs to be corrected, but it is marginal.