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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can i convince my husband to have another baby with me?

I am 41 and have two children
A daughter [age 13]
A son [age 10]
I have felt we needed another child to complete our family for years now but my husband keps saying no.
I know the risks of haveing a baby at this age but i am willing to take that chance. I was planning on haveing an implantation to make sure I have a girl. How can i convince my husband to say yes?

Best Answer...


you really shouldn't try to push him into it, it could cause big problems in you marriage. You have older kids you know what it takes out of both of you and it only gets harder the older you get I have a 13yr old and a 1yr old there is a big difference it's a lot harder to go for days no almost no sleep. You also have to look at the other side of it how old will you be when this one is on her own so you and you husband have time together alone I know my husband wants to travel after the kids are grown