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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are my sizes in hollister and abercombie?

Okay so I'm talking about shirt sizes not pant sizes in regular clothes I'm either an adult small to adult medium depending on how the shirt is made and in areopostale the relaxed fit I'm a size large(when we went to the store all they had was relaxed fit XL) but with the regular shirts I'm a large to an XL

Best Answer...


They run kind of small, I'd guess you to be a large because I also wear a small/medium is most tops, and a large at aeropostale and I fit into larges the best at hollister. I have 2 hollister T's and a plaid shirt, all larges from hollister but I also have a medium hoodie from there which is a perfect fit. Their sizes are so weird, I reccomend trying things on in the store there.