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What can 10-12 year old girls do on a cloudy and rainy day?

I have a daughter and today she is really bored i was wandering if anyone could think of something 10-12 year old girls can do on rainy and cloudy days ?? Thanks and also no rude answers.

Best Answer...


Some of my fondest memories from childhood were of rainy days at home with either one of my parents or with my grandparents.
I recall rolling out the pastry dough with my Mom and making Dad's favorite pies.
Making Chocolate chip, and peanut butter cookies. or learning old family cooking recipes.

Mt Dad was a great cook too and on Rainy days, he couldn't work so sometimes it was he that was home with the kids.

We sometimes played cards or boardgames too.

The important thing , as I recall. was that my folks spent time with me, instead of just leaving me to myself (but they did teach me the card game of solitaire, just in case. )
And I always enjoyed reading so that was the thing that I did when I was by myself.