Riddell Football Helmet

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I want to sue a company...I think my claim is legit..is it?

I'm not one of those people going around suing people to try and become rich. I believe I have a legit claim. I am currently a freshamn in college. At the start of my junior year in high school I began playing football for my high school team. After three months of wearing a Riddell Company football helmet I noticed my forehead was psuhing down on my brow (the area between my eyes). I now have a furrowed angry expression, as opposed to the normal appearance I had before I wore the Riddell football helmet. the helmet caused this change, and some of my teammates and my family members noticed the change. I am personally scarred by this, as I in public I am very self-conscious about it, and I find myself raised my eyes so my forehead stretches and looks normal. I believe Riddell is responsible for this disfigurement of sorts, but should I go after them or do any of you think that this is not legitimate. Please be honest and helpful with your responses. thanks.

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My guess is that the "furrowed angry expression" is a result of the stress from playing the game of football rather than a result of wearing the helmet.