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Frequently Asked Questions...

How is it that college football teams have larger stadia than professional teams?

I am a recent immigrant to the USA. I just found that 20 of the 22 largest American football stadia belong to college teams, with the Washington Redskins being the only NFL team in that list (Cotton Bowl is not a home ground for any team). Why is it that college football seems to enjoy a greater level of popularity and draw in bigger crowds than professional teams? And why does not more NFL teams build stadia with 100,000+ capacity? I would have thought that college players are amateurs fresh out of high school and that playing in college makes them better players by the time they get to the pro leagues, so why do the pro leagues not have vastly greater profiles?

Best Answer...


There are a couple of reason behind this. If an NFL team is playing at home and the game is not sold 72 hours before kickoff it will not be on local tv. Which means the team will lose money. 2nd is ticket prices, depending on where you are in the nation and the seats in the stadium the lowest ticket you can find is $40, therefore there would not be alot of sellouts.

There is a college in every state and some states eat, sleep and drink college football. There is not an NFL franchise in every state. The largest television (Los Angeles) has been unable to sustain a pro football team various times. At one point there was a study done in the state of Alabama and the biggest cause for divorce was college football, because of the Alabama and Auburn rivalry....

Somone said something about college football not being about money....wrong college football is all about money they just do not have to pay the athletes. That's why they have the pathetic BCS and not a playoff system. If a college team goes to a BCS game the school gets $10 million minimum to go. Not to mention ridiculous tv contracts, ask Notre Dame about the money they make with just their TV contract.

Hope this helps.