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Frequently Asked Questions...

How many National Championships Does Ohio State have?

Im just curious because I keep hearing OSU fans dreaming about 12 national titles. I can count... Can you?

Im not jealous, Im just confused because Cambo emailed me talking about 11 national titles....

But when I checked, I cant find 11 national titles, and most of yours are spit also.

Do they teach you how to add at OSU..

Oh..... It must be a junior level class.

Heres the link if you want to try again.

Best Answer...


okay, sir. The answer to your question is 7. Five consensus, Seven total. My handy Buckeye almanac actually says 11, but, to make you feel better, I will go ahead and leave off the early years. This has been on your mind for some time now, are you conflicted? Jealous? If you only want to count consensus championships, then lets go ahead and wipe off that 03 LSU title, k? So whats that give you?1, in 1958? Or was that not consensus either?

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