Football Helmet

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what is the best kind of paint for painting a football helmet? enamel or laqueur?

i have been asked by a friend to paint his football helmet, i do a bit of airbrushing but have really only used model paint i.e. testors enamel on top of spray paint enamel base. i have a small touch up gun i could use for a base coat if using lacquer paint. which will be the most durable for the application? what about putting lacquer on top of enamel or vise versa?

Best Answer...


Go to this link for painting helmets for display purposes

It will take you through the stepes of
1. Selecting the right paint for your need.
2. Warming the paint
3. Applying the paint
4. Color sanding
5. Polishing
6. Final finish
7. Reinstalling pads and liners

Excerpt from "selection of paint"…..
“I use spray enamels simply out of convenience. Lacquers can give more of a superior shine than do enamels, dry/cure much faster than enamels, all with thinner coats possible and less chance of orange-peel. Enamels take some time to properly and thoroughly cure once painted, and times between coats differ between not only paint types but type of brands. It can take anywhere from one week to one month for the enamel paint to fully cure before you start to color-sand and polish.

For custom colors, try an automotive paint-supply shop; you can have them mix any shade of color you want in either lacquer or urethane, and can be mixed into spray cans or a tin. However, the minimum quantity is usually a pint, and prices generally start at $35/pint on up. Typically, these paints MUST be sprayed on. You can use a PreVal sprayer with propellant can for this and get great results.”

If your football helmet has labeling that says ”DO NOT PAINT” please do not attempt to paint it. If your helmet does not say this the approved football hemet paints are as follows:
Color-Set INC,
Sherwin Williams Corp,
DuPont Corp, &
Createx Brand.

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