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What are the best soccer cleats?

I am 17 years old living in NJ. I want to try out for the soccer team this august, but I don't know which cleats to buy. My friends said that I'm pretty good so they said i should try out for the team.
I always wear shoes that are 1-2 sizes bigger than its supposed to be whereever i go. When i try playing soccer with them, i feel uncomfortable, like the ball isn't going to the direction i wanted it to go. are cleats size affecting my performance?. what brand should i buy?. are the cheapest cleats the worst?. what are the price range for a good pair of soccer cleats. and whats the proper size of shin guards should I be wearing(I'm currently wearing an L, (ADIDAS)

Best Answer...


I am only in 7th grade, but I have been playing soccer all my life. ALL THE TIME!!!! My first pair of cleats I had were Addidas. They lasted for about two years, and for cleats, that is very good!!! Everyone is very hard on their cleats, which makes it harder to pick which ones to buy. You want to buy the ones that you think are the most unlikely to fall apart. I strongly advise you not to buy the Nike 90's, because even though they look cool, they do not last long enough for a whole season. The Addidas ones are a little more expensive, but if you're as good at soccer as you say you are, the nit is worth it. Make sure you try the cletes on before you buy them, and run in them first, if at all possible.

When picking out your cleats you need to like at the heel support. If your cleats have no good heel support, you can do some serious damage to your knees. That can also cause shin splints which hurt like H***. Your cleats also need good toe support for the same reason. Make sure the cleats are not to small or too big when you buy them because, believe me, you want them to fit perfectly!!! The cleats being too big can make you feel dizzy after a while and you will difinitely loose control of the ball. Buy them your exact size, even though you will have to buy them more often. It will definitely help your performance!!

If you have never actually played for a soccer team, then you really need to look into getting into shape over the summer. Especially at 17, and I'm sure you're in high school, the fitness level you have to be at is INCREDIBLE!!! More than likely you will have to run about 5-6 miles every practice, and also sprint training. Suicides, which is sprinting back and forth for like an hour. I have also had to run a 1/4 of a mile in 1 min. and that is really hard!!! You can't just go play soccer whenever you feel like it for your schoo team, you will see nothing but the touchline all season. It takes time and a lot of hard work. Look into a summer soccer camp that does conditioning and skills. Also you should look into private lessons.

Hope you find the right cleats, and hope you have a good season!! ~Buckhannon, West Virginia Soccer Team Members