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Frequently Asked Questions...

80's Jack and Jill Ideas?

My Fiance and I are having an 80's theme jack and jill.
We want to have a prize for Best Dressed.
Any ideas on what a good prize would be? We were hoping to tie in the 80's theme into the prize somehow?!


Best Answer...


Using this Acronym Table for 1980s Fashion and Marketing Terms have trophies engraved with the "Titles"

Yuppies = Young Urban Professionals

Yummies = Young Urban Mother

Dinkies = Double Income No Kids

Sinkies = Single Income No kids

Minkie = Middle Income No kids

Poupie = Porsche Owning Urban Professional

Swell = Single Woman Earning Lots Of Loot (Miss Yuppie)

Guppies = Greenpeace Yuppies (The original meaning of the term)

Bobo = Burnt Out But Opulent

Woopie = Well Off Older People

Jollies = Jet Setting Oldsters With Lots Of Loot

Glams = Greying Leisured Affluent Middle Aged

Drabbie = Ethical Urban Quaker With Anti And Pro Views

Tweenie =Between 5 And 12 Years Old

Ladettes =Young Women Who Act Like Loutish Lads

Grey Panthers = Senior Citizens With Opinion

Empty Nesters =Couples Whose Children Are Grown Up And Away