Storm Bag

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you do this puzzle with words?

I have a puzzle for class. It's called Joint Custody.
Directions: find the one word that combines , in front or back, with each word in each set below to form a phrase , name, title, or compound word.
1. dog, white, dress, hold
2. castle, storm, bag, man
3. organ, peace, down, dream
4. dust, brown, ghost, crabbe

Thank you! Please help!

Best Answer...


1) house (dog house, white house, housedress, household)
2) sand (sand castle, sandstorm, sandbag, sandman)
3) pipe (pipe organ, peace pipe, pipe down, pipe dream)
4) buster (dust buster. buster brown, ghostbuster, Buster Crabbe)