Slingshot Bowling Ball

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which is better T-zone or Slingshot bowling balls?

Looking to buy a new bowling ball. Please give me input. Don't have that much money but, I am looking to get a new one. Which is better a T-zone or Slingshot? Thanks :D

Best Answer...


The Brunswick T Zone is a great beginner ball that has some hook, but not a lot. Great for dry lanes. Not to mention it looks great! Cost: about $50 online.

The Brunswick Slingshot is a slight step up fron the T Zone. It will roll down the lane nicely and then hook a bit to the pocket just before impact. It will hit and scatter the pins a little more. Cost: $65 online.

If you throw any kind of a hook, I would recommend the Slingshot If you roll it straight, the T Zone is the choice.