Roller Bowling

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Who has actually WON the 'bowler roller' bowling ball carnival game?

Here's the game I'm talking about:

I've never won at this game, and in all the times I've been to carnivals and amusement parks, I've rarely ever seen anyone else win either -- even when I hung out at the game for quite some time. :( It's engineered to be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT, yet some people *do* win, apparently.

So, I thought I'd see if anyone here on Yahoo Answers has won. And if so, did you have a strategy, or was it just practice practice practice? :)

Best Answer...


i am a carny. i dont play myself. but if you slightly bank it off the side you have a better advantage. some of them will even have a sign stating no bank shots to prevent you from winning easier. at that point you just have to spend enough quarters until you have it.