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Use A Road Bike Size Chart to Help You Started With The Right Size And Fit Of Bike For You

If you’re in the market for a new bike and are wondering what size of road bike to buy then this article should help you. There is a fair amount to know about road bike sizing but it really isn’t that hard to understand but it can be a little tricky to get your bike all set up right for you. You should maybe start off with a road bike size chart to help you get into the ball park of the right size for you.

You see and I’m sure you understand by now that we are all different.
Two people that are the same height will have different lengths of legs and arms and those differences mean when we sit on a bike the fit will be different and so will our comfort level with any given set up. That is where the real trick comes and that is getting the fit set right for each person.

Our purposes in riding are different as well so when it comes to fit, one person is doing more casual riding and therefore comfort is a priority. Another person intends on riding long distances and maybe in races so performance is a priority. This means they want to maximize their pedaling efficiency. Again another might want to be able to transition from sitting to standing then back again easily. All these differences mean you will need a slightly different set up or fit for your bike.

This is because your body's position while riding affects how you ride.
It will determine how much power you will deliver to the pedals efficiently. It also makes a difference to how comfortable you while riding. The fact is that the more comfortable you are probably won’t allow you to put as much energy into the pedals. A proper fit also reduces stress on your back and arms or knees.

All this to say a bike that fits right gets you closer to your individual goals.

Many people find bicycle fitting a bit puzzling.
This is because there are different fitting systems along with charts and computer software, different ways of measuring things which can cause some confusion. But it really isn’t that difficult. But it does involve some compromises. Some of these compromises are between comfort and performance, acceleration and handling ability or perhaps top speed and enjoying the ride.

One final consideration in trying to get it all right is your safety. This is because you are far less likely to get in an accident if your bike sizing and fit are correct. We all need to be able to concentrate on what we are doing and what is happening around us and if you are comfortable you are less likely to have a concentration lapse there you will more naturally be safer. There are too many cyclists losing the battle to cars all the time around where I live anyway.

So get the right bike and size and then get it fit properly to you and you will enjoy your rides a whole lot more. You can use a road bike size chart to help get you started but then there is a whole lot more work to be done.

Dave McIntosh has enjoyed cycling for years. If you are looking for more great information on a
Road Bike Size Chart
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