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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which bowling ball should I get?

I am right handed, bowl a 160-170 average, and I want a new bowling ball. I throw about 13 mph with a 15lb ball and I want to move down to a 14 or 13.5lb. I curve it a lot so I want to know what ball would be best for me. I have 5 balls that I'm thinking about. The roto-grip mutant cell (loved the original cell), the black widow nasty, the storm virtual gravity, the storm invasion, and the brunswick wicked siege. They all seem to have a lot of backend which I like but I don't know which one is the best. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you

Best Answer...


Hi Chris. I recently dropped from 16lbs. to 15lbs. for more control. I just bought the Hammer Jigsaw Trap (my first Hammer) and I love it! Like you, I have a slower ball speed. I throw between 13 and 14mph. With the Trap, I release the ball and it has a nice "skid/snap. It doesn't hook too early, and when it snaps to the pocket, it hits like a truck! Very few 10-pins anymore.

I'm a former Storm guy (Eraser Boost/Gravity Shift), and still like those, but the Trap is awesome on medium to heavy oil. Good luck!