Right Hand

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the disadvantages of driving a car with right hand steering in a country with left hand steering?

I want to buy a car to use on a regular basis from Japan with right-hand steering, but before I do, I want to know what problems I might have driving a RHD steering in a country with a majority of LHD steering, including on the freeways. Thanks a lot.

Best Answer...


The main disadvantage is that you cannot see around the car ahead of you when you want to pass.
If the car has a manual transmission you have to acclimate yourself to shifting with your opposite hand.
The Government will not allow you to import a modern right hand drive vehicle. Only antique/classic right hand drive allowed.
Your insurance company may be hesitant to insure a right drive car.
Front end and steering components may be impossible to source.
Because of the placement of steering components the car may have a different engine configuration that does not meet our emission requirements.