Pro Bowling

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can they Improve the NFL Pro Bowl so it is less Boring?

They need to have side challenges like the NBA Allstar Weekend does. The NFL should have the Grid Iron Challenges like the Bench Pressing, 40 Times, maybe a QB accuracy/distance throw off. This would make the Pro Bowl 10 times more interesting than it is now where players don't even put 1/10th the effort they do in the regular season.

Best Answer...


they could do stuff like what the NBA All-Star Weekend does (maybe kicking contest, QB distance throwing contest, etc).

But another thing could be that they play the game in the stadium of the winning Superbowl Team (e.g. the pro bowl that has been played could have been played at Giants Stadium, to celebrate the Giants win)

Thats all I can think of at the moment