Columbia 300 Bowling Ball

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What bowling ball should I get after using the Columbia 300 Bowling Ball.?

It can be from any bowling company.

Best Answer...


Which Columbia 300 bowling ball are you talking about? Now they're manufactured by Ebonite and have many different model names. If you're talking about the "original" Columbia 300 urethane "u-dot" model, then any reactive resin or particle bowling ball made by any manufacturer would be best.

This is my high performance/mid price "arsenal", which has earned me honor scores and series:

Brunswick Maxx Zone
Brunswick Ultimate Inferno
Brunswick Red Zone
Brunswick Black Rhino Urethane (light oil ball)
Brunswick Viz-A-Ball Denny's logo (spare ball)
Brunswick Viz-A-Ball PBA logo (spare ball)
Elite PBA Chameleon
Elite PBA Cheetah
Elite PBA Platinum
Columbia 300 Big Shot
Hammer Vibe
Hammer Black Widow Venom
MoRich Awesome Finish

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