Bowling Ball Box

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what is the best feature of the wii?

what do you reckon is the best thing about the wii, the control, the games the cool blue light or virtual consolei cant wait to play all them old snes games!!
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Best Answer...


I think the best new feature is the innovative controller design. Yes, you can use it to hit a baseball, throw a bowling ball, box, drive a truck, etc. But you can also use it as a point and click interface for their web browser, and you can attach the nunchuck controller for even more in-depth gameplay, allowing nearly unlimited button combinations!

The virtual console is a very close second, with 31 games to be available to download within the launch window (i.e. now, or VERY soon), and more to be added as time goes on. Meaning you can play GoldenEye, Duck Hunt, the original Mario Kart, or, thanks to the acquisition of Sega by Nintendo, the Sonic the Hedgehog games or anything from the TurboGrafix 16! The only downsides are the points system (it's basically a penny a point, with games costing 500 for NES, 600 for TurboGrafix, 800 for SNES and Sega Genesis, and 1,000 for N64 games--still a bargain, considering the cost of the game at the stores is about the same, but you'd need a system as well), and the fact that you need a different controller. However, the controller they offer is 19.82, not 60 as previously stated, and technically, the Wiimote is able to play the original NES and TurboGrafix games, as well as some Sega Genesis games. Also, if you have a Gamecube controller, that can be used for the NES, SNES, and N64 games. Those aren't too expensive either, so it's up to you.