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Frequently Asked Questions...

India vs NZ : Do you think Injury prone Munaf Patel Deserves another chance in ODI’s?

I think YES ,if at all India wins 3rd match,he should be given another chance, bcoz we don’t have any option left for Test series..Praveen will return Home after ODI series and IF Kulkarni fails miserablely then our 3rd seamer will struggle a lot !!

Random Facts :-
-->Munaf Patel,in his 7.2 overs yesterday,bowled 13 Full tosseses (Not Yorkers)
-->In the 3 ODI matches that he played after his comeback into the team , he bowled only 14.2 overs !! and Surprisingly he is Included in the Test squad instead of Praveen Kumar

Best Answer...


Its pretty sad that bowlers like munaf is getting chance and chance. Whereas he hasn't done anything special by his bowling for his team.

I amazed that how many matches munaf have won for india?
not a single matches also. He always been support role not a match winner bowler for india.

Whereas even if praveen kumar and irfan pathan have won lots of matches for india.