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Frequently Asked Questions...

Golf Balls; When it says a three piece or a two piece golf ball what dose that meen?

Best Answer...


It is referring to how many layers the ball is made of. A two peice ball has an inner core with a harder outer shell. A three peice ball has an inner core, an outer core, and the shell.

Golf balls can vary dramatically and the number of layers does not indicate ball quality. There are many great 2 piece balls out there that are better than 3 piece and the opposite is also true. If you are looking to find some golf ball information, try checking out this site. and go to the equipment section. The 2009 Hot list has a list of balls based on price with a few remarks about each type listed.

Typically speaking, the more layers the ball has, the more expensive. This is not always true but as a general rule is fairly accurate.

Check out the listed sources for some more information on them.