900 Global Bowling Ball Qual

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900 Global WISDOM red silver Bowling Ball 16lb 1st qual 189 NEW IN BOX
900 Global WISDOM red silver Bowling Ball 16lb 1st qual 189 NEW IN BOX
900 Global VIXEN Bowling Ball 16lb 1st qual 189 BRAND NEW BALL IN BOX
900 Global VIXEN Bowling Ball 16lb 1st qual 189 BRAND NEW BALL IN BOX
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900 Global Bowling Ball Qual

3 Simple Steps to the Perfect Bowling Ball Release

The Delivery

Before you even think about tossing the bowling ball down the lane, you first need to determine how many steps you will use in your release, and then properly line yourself up for those steps. To decide on a four step delivery, the quickest and easiest method to do it is: place the heels of your shoes at the foul line, turn your back to the pins, and take four natural steps and a slide. The slide helps to create the proper distance for when you actually slide during the delivery. Now you have the proper distance measured out, and you have even accounted for the slide, this alone will improve your release dramatically, as you will no longer be guessing at your release point. Regardless of how many steps you prefer to take, be it 3, 4, or 5, just follow the same steps as above, and remember to add the final touch, the slide.

So What’s Up With Those Dots?

I’m sure you’ve notice those dots on the floor when you are preparing yourself for the approach. Some bowling center will have 5 dots, and some bowling centers will have 7 dots, and they are located at 12 feet and at 15 feet behind the foul line. Now how you use these dots will be determined by the hand you hold the ball with. For a right handed bowler it is recommended that you place your left foot on the center dot, and then work out from there, making adjustments as you bowl. Just remember the center dot is a good starting point. Now notice the arrows just past the foul line on the lane. With your left foot on the center dot, you are going to want to target the second arrow on the right.

Perhaps you would like to play a little different line; you can do that as well. For example, let’s say you want to stand one dot left of center. For the right handed bowler that simply means placing your left foot one dot left of the center dot. From this position you are going to want to target just between the second and third arrows that are located to your right.

How do you stand for an outside line you ask? Continuing with the right handed bowler example, you would want to place your left foot five boards right of the center dot (Just count out 5 of the individual floor boards). If don’t have a large degree of hook on your ball, then you’re going to want to target the second arrow to the right. For a more aggressive hook ball, you should aim between the first and second arrows to the right.

Keep Your Balance

It’s very important to have a nice smooth approach in bowling, and having good balance throughout the approach is one of the only ways to obtain that desired result. The head has a lot to do with this, as it will affect balance and body movement throughout. Pay close attention to the position of the head, and how it affects the angle of the body. If your head leans to the right throughout the approach, then naturally your right shoulder dips right. You want to keep your shoulders square and up, no dipping. So remember to keep your shoulders up, you need to keep your head up.

Allowing your head to dip to far forward during the approach will also have a negative effect on your release, and you are going to see a loss of lift and leverage. If you let your head dip to low, then you are going to get a downward thrust on the ball towards the floorboards, and you’re not going to get the up thrust, which will result in a loss of leverage and revs. So you want to keep your head and eyes up a bit; you don’t want to have to struggle in order to see down the lane.

The Finish

As you make your approach, stay focused on head alignment, keeping it nice and centered, and shoulders square. Also try to stay relaxed and loose as you approach the foul line, don’t become overly stiff or rigid. As you start your slide, you want to keep your head over the slide foot. So for the right handed bowler, keep your head over the left knee, this will insure proper balance and alignment. I encourage you start practicing today, even without a ball in your hand. Just feel the head positioned over the slide foot so that when you’re finish with the release of the ball, the head is still right where it started.

The 3 Steps to a Perfect Release

1. Concentrate on keeping your head steady throughout the approach.

2. Eliminate any head movement from left to right.

3. Through the approach, keep your head up, this will insure good lift up through the bowling ball, and eliminate the unwanted downward thrust.

By following these 3 simple steps, I can assure you that your bowling will see a dramatic improvement. These aren’t hard steps to perform either, you just need to be aware of the three steps and apply them each and every time, even if that means reminding yourself; step one, step two , and step three.

Best of luck to you in your game; I hope this information was found to be helpful, and you see dramatic improvements next time you bowl! If you would like to learn more about bowling balls, I recommend you check out
Storms line of bowling balls
, and read an article about the
Storm Anarchy
, or the Prodigy. Once again, best of luck in your bowling game!

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