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Need help choosing bowling ball weight....koalafamily2 please help?

I am upgrading my current bowling ball, a beginner 14lb ball made of reactive resin and drilled for a light hook, to a high performance ball that will have a more hooking power (Roto-Grip Cell Pearl). I throw between 14 and 15mph. I am comfortable with the 14lb but was thinking moving to a 15lb ball to get more punch but am afraid the transition will affect my game negatively. I am an averaged size person (~155 lbs) who stays in shape. I average ~160 with my current ball. Your opinions please.

Best Answer...


I'd definitely keep the 14 lb. bowling ball because the Roto-Grip Cell Pearl is one that amateurs and professionals will swear by. I bowl exclusive with Brunswick product but also own Ebonite manufactured(Hammer) equipment too.

My speed is basically the same as yours (14-15 mph.) and believe that if you can handle the weight of a 15 lb. bowling ball, then definitely give it a try. If not, then go for a "high" 14 pounder because anyways, the holes drilled out will lighten it up a bit. As long as you don't go lighter than 12 pounds, you'll be fine because 12 lbs. and lower will have the same reactive resin coverstock, but will use a generic core shape, which may be just round like a house ball.

If you compare weights at the pro shop and you choose either 14 lb. or 15 lb. equipment, you'll be in great shape to boost your average because they have the capability to be more forgiving than your average or mid priced bowling ball on bad shots. Roto Grip makes a great product and you'll be very pleased.

Good luck and hope for lots of success with your game!