14lb Bowling Ball

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I deflect Bowling Ball From Crushing raw egg?

For my physics class of the 9th grade I am given a bunch of materials to put together to save a raw egg from the impact of a 14lb bowling ball at 2 meters.
I have to either stop the bowling ball before it impacts the egg or redirect ball away from the egg.
The materials are 150 toothpicks, 6 skewer sticks, 5 sets of chopsticks, 10 hot glue sticks, and 1/2 of a manila folder.
-Please Help

Best Answer...


Make a track by gluingthe toothpicks and skewer sticks that goes off to the side of the egg. My guess is that you won't have top change directions too far because te egg is so small. The track won't go all the way to the egg. It will roll straight from there.