Tornado 20

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Frequently Asked Questions...

tornado in hugo, minnesota yesterday?

so there was a tornado in hugo yesterday (may 25). im in woodbury so it wasnt too close to me. was anyone in it or around it? if so, what was it like?
if youve heard about it but dont live near hugo (or if you dont live in minnesota at all) tell me what you think about it.

im asking this for a project in science, so please answer.
the weather channel has stated that the tornado in hugo was the worst out of a severe weather area from minnesota to louisiana. what do you think of this?

Best Answer...


Devastating. Houses were obliterated, debris were everywhere. I'd think borderline EF3/4 damage from the photo:

The one in Parkersburg was worse; yesterday was a violent day for tornadoes. Confirmed damage reports are not yet in; the SPC is still busy planning for today.

Definitely not the worst tornado. That belongs to the Parkersburg, Iowa tornado, which, as rumors abound, is being compared to the likes of the McConnell AFB tornado and Greensburg.