Titanium Tornado 18 Seller

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Titanium Tornado 18 Seller

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What Everyone Needs to Know About Custom Titanium Rings

Although custom rings can mean simply that rings have been sized to fit a particular person’s fingers, true customized rings have much more to offer. When you have your own images or ideas, it is often difficult to find jewelry artists who can translate your impressions into your dream ring.

For this reason, custom rings can be very useful. By having rings specifically designed for them, customers will receive the benefit rings made just for them and a guarantee that their pieces of jewelry were optimized to look best on their hands. You can also choose to customize a ring by choosing a specific material, such as Titanium.

How Titanium is Different

Customers looking for a modern, unique material will find many benefits from choosing custom titanium rings. Some individuals have very sensitive skin that reacts to certain elements, but titanium is 100% hypoallergenic, not causing any skin reactions.

Titanium is a very strong metal. It is more resilient than gold, platinum, and silver,--custom titanium rings are designed to last. Titanium will not be damaged by sunlight, harsh chemicals, or salt water, making them especially popular for jewelry expected to last lifetimes like wedding or engagement rings.

Custom titanium rings are also popular choices because of the diverse looks offered by titanium. Unlike other metals that require paint or pigments to take color, titanium is a refractory metal that creates color from exposure to electricity, referred to as the anodizing process, during which the top layer of titanium will change color. This means that when a customer receives a titanium ring, the color of the ring is not sprayed or painted on, but becomes part of the metal itself.

Care for Titanium Rings

Caring for custom titanium rings is simple. You can simply clean a titanium ring with dish detergent, shampoo, window cleaner, or rubbing alcohol. The only thing to avoid is any kind of abrasive material such as typical polishing compounds used for rings made of gold, silver, or platinum. Harsh chemicals will have no effect on anodized (colored) titanium.

Custom titanium rings are constructed with the intent of creating beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry that will last forever. Because it is such a strong metal, titanium will not bend out of round like rings made of softer materials such as gold or silver. Like all pieces of jewelry, titanium rings require proper care, but they require considerably less maintenance than gold or silver rings and will last longer against every day wear and tear.

Exotica Jewelry offers unique, custom titanium rings and titanium and niobium jewelry made unique for you. Their custom designs often incorporate themes, motifs, jewels or specific images requested by their clients. The jewelers at Exotica Jewelry were among the first in the US to make a titanium ring.

Since 1972, these talented artisans have been using old world craftsmanship to create beautiful custom jewelry that has special meaning for their clients. For more information about how Exotica Jewelry can create the custom piece you have been dreaming of, please visit their website at www.titaniumringsforever.com or call 1-800-297-6707.

Heather Preston. Titanium Wedding Rings - Exotica Jewelry designs and manufactures titanium and niobium jewelry and wall art with a focus on custom titanium wedding rings. Our custom designs often incorporate themes, motifs, or specific images from our customers. Some designs (both custom and “regular”) have gemstones and/or inlays of gold, platinum, niobium, or palladium. We have been professional jewelers since 1972 and were among the first jewelers in the US to make a titanium ring.

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