Titanium Goods Tornado

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16 3 Ropes Tornado Ionic Titanium Baseball Team Sports Goods Necklace New
16 3 Ropes Tornado Ionic Titanium Baseball Team Sports Goods Necklace New
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Titanium Goods Tornado

Titanium’s Applications in Sporting Goods

Titanium’s application in sporting goods, from the earliest tennis, battledore to golf head, handle and racing widely used in recent years. Let people’s awareness about titanium increased a big step.

1. Golf clubs, ball

golf club, ball head is still the mainstay in the Civil areas application.

Golfers always want to play with bigger club head. The proportion of titanium is small, high strength, ball head can do more without increasing the total weight of the club. In extensive testing, the golfer hit the ball with a rate of titanium with a ball head than average hit rate increased by 20%, and increased distance.

2. Tennis racket, badminton racquet

At present, the application of titanium in tennis racket, mainly is made of pure titanium racquets embedded within the framework of network. So, not only increase the tennis
the moment of inertia force hit, and even without the ball to hit the racket center site, also easy to hits the ball, enhance the overall stroke.

In recent years, the demand of Japanese titanium tennis racket market is rising. Now, almost all the
racket Japanese manufacturers are sold in titanium racquets, it accounts for about half of the racket to market share. Each manufacturer in order to differentiate class, according to the characteristics of the racket titanium production at the same time, in the tennis racket handle position also adopted the nickel titanium alloy material and the elastic coating processing method, etc, so as to develop titanium in new ways.

And just like tennis rackets, have also developed framework with pure titanium, titanium alloy with a long handle (Ti-3 Al-2.5 V) system of badminton racquet, and already commercialization.

3. Racing bikes

Human-powered bicycle, because of the need is very handy, especially when considering the speed of the racing game, if the car's weight reduce 1 g, to fight thousandth of a second of time. The general bike use 36 spokes, while the titanium bicycle 24 is enough, not only to reduce weight, but also reduce wind resistance. Titanium and titanium alloy, first began to use from the parts, the Italian Campagnolo has made use of titanium and titanium racing bikes of various components, including: Transmission package with pins, L-nut, no pin crank shaft, front and rear wheel hub shaft , left and right pedal shaft.

4. The
racing car

As titanium has excellent physical and mechanical performance, has been used in racing and limited production exotic sports car. Titanium applications in the automotive industry, can greatly reduce vehicle weight, reduce their fuel consumption, environmental protection and reduce noise. Characteristics of titanium has been has well reflected in the car.

5. Other sports goods

Climbing and ski equipment are moving in the lightweight, compact direction. Titanium has a light weight, high strength, impact value at low temperatures without reducing other features, as superior climbing and ski equipment materials, has been widely used, such as titanium hiking stick, hiking shoes nails, rock climbing fasteners, ski pole, skates, etc. Titanium sports goods include: fencing protective mask, sword, fishing rod, fishing with a winding frame, boat parts, used for track and field running shoes injection molding nailed soles Ti-Fe series and so on.

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