Softball Bat

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why do players put Athletic Tape for the Grip on a slow pitch softball bat?

I always noticed players using athletic tape for their grip on a softball bat. What is the benifits of this?
I hear however if u put the athletic tape on instead of the rubber grip ur bat tends to viberate a little more.
Is this true?

Best Answer...


I use it on all my bats, baseball and softball.

In my opinion, athletic tape is the best grip tape. First, it is very coarse, but not so rough that it'll chew up your gloves or hands. Second, It adds a lot of traction without much depth, so it doesn't "fatten" up your bat handle. Third, it's cheap and when you can't get a good bat for less than $150 anymore... it's nice to save elsewhere..

I never liked those rubber grips; they just seem to have too much "give" in them and I felt like it was slowing the bat down in my hands.