Ionic Titanium Necklace

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do Ionic Titanium Necklaces really work?

Has anyone ever tried one or know anyone who has. Was wondering if they actually provide better balance, less stress, better concentration ect. I have seen alot of major league baseball players wearing them recently.

Best Answer...


The theory behind ionic jewelry is that they emit negative ions to combat the overwhelming numbers of positive ions we encounter in our daily lives. Computer screens, flourescent lights, etc emit positive ions. These have a negative impact on your body. So wearing a negative ion emiting device can help. So they make you better, stronger, faster? I doubt it, but I wear an ionic bracelet that really does make a difference in the amount of pain I feel in that joint. Without the bracelet I have constant pain, with it, just sometimes. I still think its a load of hooey, but hey! its hooey that is working so far. :)