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Frequently Asked Questions...

my daughter is seven tall and slim weighs about 50 lbs what is a good slowpitch softball bat for her??????

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Go to the Easton softball bat site and it has a chart to show you what size your going to want to start with. A 26 to 27" bat is probably going to be your best bet. Around 22-24 oz. Also girls play (even in Little League) fast-pitch and slow-pitch bats are not legal. Fast-pitch bats are also a little less expensive. If she is new start with something like the Lisa Fernandez bat. It is not expensive and is a good starter bat, till you are sure she is going to stay with it. If she does get ready to pull out your wallet! My daughter has played since she was 7 also. She is now 14 plays on a competitive team 80-85 games a year, and her bat cost 250 dollars last year. I wouldn't change it though. We have a lot of quality time together going to the games. Good Luck.