50cm Ionic Sport

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50cm Ionic Sport

Ion Sport Watches Interest Consumers for their trend-setting Style and Health Benefits

Ion sport watches are a new trend setting accent to the wrists. They are the favorites of fashionistas and the outdoorsy types alike because these watches are style and lifestyle friendly. Ion sport watches are sporty by day, and fashion-forward by night. The notably colorful selections are easy to accessorize. Ion sport watches are light-weight, colorful features, and in some cases are even waterproof –usually an added bonus, making the ion wrist watch kid and sport friendly. Ion sport watches are usually made out of rubber or silicone, providing durability and comfort.

Ion sport watches are an exciting new item to hit stores. They are an attractive selling piece as a fashion timepiece. These sport watches catch the eyes of consumers for their versatility as gifts or personal use. Some Ion sport watches can improve the health and well-being of customer.

Not all Ion sport watches offer theses Health benefits . The timepiece must also be Ionic, a term that comes from the production of negative ions –which is positive news for health. The added bonus that specifically ionic sport watches provide have encouraged shoppers to take a second look at these unassuming pieces, looking for actual ionic, or ionized sport watches. Not all silicone “ion” sport watches are electrically charged sport watches. The silicone must be treated with a special mineral that naturally emits negative ions, Tourmaline in order to boast the added health benefits.

Ionic sport watches provide health benefits through the uses of the only naturally electrically charged mineral, Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral stone well known for its ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body. It is the only known mineral that has the ability to emit negative ions. Negative ions transform the body’s pH from acidic to Basic., increase concentration and sex drive, regulate the nervous system, promote cell tissue growth, purify the blood and strengthen the immune system. Ion sport watches can provide those benefits if they are treated with tourmaline.

The importance of negative ions traces back to ancient China, where physicians advised homeowners to decorate their homes with indoor waterfalls. Water’s movement produces negative ions, which combat free radicals. Positive ions, where free radicals can be found, disrupt the body’s energy balance. One of the many places positive ions are found is around TV screens or computer monitors. Normal interior negative ion counts may be under 100 per cubic centimeter, where 1000 negative ions /cm3 is desirable. Tourmaline counteracts free radicals with negative ions.

Tourmaline now enhances mattresses, cookware, and skin care products. As consumers develop a sophisticated interest in products that offer health, environmental benefits in addition to a fashionable style. Look for Ion sport watches that feature this beneficial mineral To view the leading sport wrist watches click here.

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