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Frequently Asked Questions...

What can i do to become the measurement 34-24-34?

I really want to become a model. My ideal measurements are 34-24-34, I am currently 15 and 5"4 and i have the measurements of
34-28-37... I weight 129 lb but i have some muscles in my thigh and arm area.
Please help me burn off some inches and lose some weight.
Im thinking about losing 15-20 lb. Please help and please no disrespectful foolishness.
Base your answers off of personal experiences and celebrity/model fitness techniques.

Best Answer...


well my measurements are 34 25 35 and im 122 and 5'4 so i'd imagine you'd have to be around 112-115 lbs to be these measurements just keep eating right keeping a 1400 calorie diet and exercising 500 calories off a day (use a calorie burning calculator to know) and running burns a lot of calories and hot green tea without sugar will speed ur metabolism and keep u full longer good luck im trying to get smaller measurements too!

answer mine?