2011 Titanium Baseball Sports Goods

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2011 Titanium Baseball Sports Goods

2011 Nissan Hybrid Sports Car 370Z Hybrid

The “hybrid car” term refers to the vehicle that moves on two or more power sources. One of the power source used in these types of cars is electric motors to drive the engine. The other power source is possibly the internal combustion engine. The car may run on either, -a petrol or a diesel engine. Hybrid cars are fuel-efficient cars. As they run on two power sources, they generate enormous power.

2011 Nissan Hybrid Sports Car 370Z Hybrid:

Nissan has launched a
hybrid sports car
named 370Z Hybrid in 2011. It has 3.7 liter engine and the fuel efficiency in this sports car is increased up to 50%. It is equipped with excellent interior features. It has the 3.7 liter V6 engine equipped with the six speed gearbox.

It is not that this hybrid car is faultless. The coupe version of this car is quite noisy when equipped with larger wheels and tires. This car generates the power of 332 hp at 7000 rpm. It has the options for manual transmission and automatic transmission. The manual transmission comes with six-speed gears while the automatic transmission features seven speed gears with the manual shift assist.

The 2011 Nissan sports car gives the fuel efficiency of 18 mpg and 25 mpg respectively in traffic and on highway. This hybrid vehicle is far more superior to its predecessor non-hybrid model. It does not sacrifice any of the previous performance or power in the new hybrid version of the car.

This sports car is available in three models – a standard entry level model, a touring car, and the 370Z touring with sport package option. The cost of these cars ranges between $37,520 and $43,890.

Other Hybrid Sports Car Brands:

Apart from Nissan, Porsche is in the process of developing two
hybrid cars
. The hybrid version of 918 is claimed to have out-standing fuel efficiency of 78 mpg. It is said to be the plug-in hybrid with the 500 hp engine and two electric motors that add up to 250 hp of extra power. The car can drive up to 16 miles on the electric engine in E drive mode.

The Honda CR-Z is a hybrid sports car manufactured by Honda. It gives the fuel efficiency of 59mpg. It has the 1.5 liter engine capacity combined with the power of 122 hp.

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