2011 Goods Tornado

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2011 Goods Tornado

Reconstructing Tuscaloosa: Life after the tornadoes

One year back Leah Bromley was at her New York City house when she got a text from her mother in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It read "I'm in the cellar. I adore you." Now they're all subject for tornado insurance claims .

"I straight away got awfully frantic," Bromley announces.

It was early in the morning on April 27, 2011, and the first round of grim weather was rolling through her hometown. Happily the early tempests only knocked the power out and downed some trees near her adolescence home, but she was fixed to the television for the rest of the day as the specter of tornadoes persisted.

"These great storms were coming across the south, and I saw pictures of them. It was really frightful looking," she is saying. "It was coming for Tuscaloosa."

Serious weather continued to rip thru the South and Midwest that day, slaughtering at least 327 folk. It was one of the most dangerous tornado break outs in U.S. History.

Alabama was the worst hit state and Tuscaloosa was in the bull's-eye of the typhoon. More than 5,000 houses in Tuscaloosa alone suffered damage or devastated and masses of companies in the area were also impacted, according the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce.

"It looked like a giant bomb went off, and that's when I knew. I felt defenseless, and I knew I wanted to do something," Bromley says.

It began with a single, successful fundraiser in New York. After that Bromley started a Facebook page called Rebuild Tuscaloosa.

"I reposted something that another page had posted announcing that Lowe's has tarps, and I received a post perhaps 20 minutes later on our page telling me Lowe's is out of tarps. I straight away felt horrible because I wasted that person's time," she is saying. "It just became awfully obvious that it was critical to provide a convincing source of information for volunteers and for the people that were affected."

As Leah managed the page from New York with help from her mother on the ground in Tuscaloosa, Rebuild Tuscaloosa quickly became a hub for connecting folks in need with the supplies and organizations that would aid them , people like Stephannie Nixon.

"I did not think for some considerable time about what to do," says Nixon, whose home was wiped out. "I could not handle it. It was just too much."

"[Rebuild Tuscaloosa] took my life personally, and that was very important. That was life saving. That gave me the energy to keep going to the subsequent step," she is saying.

A year later after the emergency wishes of victims and volunteers have faded away, the mission of Reconstruct Tuscaloosa hasn't modified.

Reconstruct Tuscaloosa still has an active Facebook community that works to spot continuing wants and satisfy them. Bromley and other volunteers regularly deliver donated furniture and home items to families trying to reconstruct.

"I just really want people to remember us and to realise that there is still a fairly great need," Bromley says. "We have hardly scraped the outer surface of rebuilding and there are still a lot of people who require lots of help."

Reconstruct Tuscaloosa works with a spread of groups concerned in the rebuilding and re-housing efforts in Tuscaloosa. For a list of these and other catastrophe relief organizations at work in Alabama, visit Impact Your World at CNN.com/Impact.

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