2011 Baseball Goods

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2011 Baseball Goods

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2011 Baseball Gloves/Bats (andregonzo09) ssk wilson rawlings

Meet the Company Protecting the NFL's Finest Players From Injuries (INC)

Unequal Technologies brings military expertise to the prevention of sports

Around 100 million people will watch the Super Bowl this month, but lately
football-related concussions have been dominating the headlines. More than
3,000 retired players and their families recently sued the National Football
League, alleging that it hid information linking head injuries to brain
disease. Now, one company aims to make the sport safer, using technology
developed for the military.

Unequal Technologies, based in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, launched in 2008
as a supplier to military contractors. Founder Robert Vito had developed a
patented composite of Kevlar and other materials that could be used to make
lightweight bulletproof vests. The company, which has supplied material worn
by 10,000 NATO troops, got into the sports market in 2010, after Vito received
a call from John Hatfield, then the equipment manager for the Philadelphia
Eagles. Michael Vick, the team's quarterback, had a sternum injury, and the
team wanted a protective garment that would allow him to play.

Vito devised a modified version of the military vest. (Unlike the military
version, it is not bulletproof.) In Vick's first game wearing Unequal's padded
shirt, dubbed Exo Armor, he led the Eagles to ...


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